Behind the Camera


About Ben Copley, Photographer

 Ben Copley is the man behind the camera. Ben is a Railroad Conductor by work-day and photographer by off-day.  He is married to Sharon his loving wife, and together they care for two cats and Bonnie their loyal miniature Dachshund.

While serving in the military Ben decided to record his adventures and trips using photography so he could remember and revisit them for years to come.  Ben wanted to have a visual reference of the countries and landscape, the people, their culture and architecture that he would experience during his life. 

Throughout his life, Ben has always loved photography. Unfortunately, he never was serious about it until he moved to Colorado in 2004.  Ben needed some excitement and passion in his life besides his relationship with his wife and dog. Ben wanted to wake up every morning excited.  Resulting from much positive feedback and encouragement from his wife and those who are close to him, Ben has succumbed to pursuing photography on a more serious level with a heartwarming desire to share his visions

What started as an afterthought ultimately evolved into a passion.  Ben diligently studies photography and continues to perfect his art.  His creativity and imagination contribute to the enhancement of the points in life that he so eloquently tries to capture and are depicted in the photos that he displays.

Ben says “Live in the sunshine,swim the sea, drink the wild air”

Ben graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems.  During college he worked for the Government as a Systems Administrator in their Information Technology Department.  Ben has attended dozens of IT seminars, traveled all around the Southern United States, and spent long hours, days, and even months correcting computer and network issues for large complex government IT systems.

Ben studied Advanced Digital Photography, Travel and Landscape Photography, Wildlife and Nature Photography, Fashion and Beauty lighting, Advertising Product and Still Life Photography, and Professional Retouching Photoshop techniques. Ben is a Certified Professional Photographer (PPCC & PPA).  His past studies and experiences have rewarded him with the knowledge and skills essential to advance in the world of digital photography.