Print Information

Print Information

Ben Copley’s open and limited edition prints are individually produced on the highest quality photographic paper available.  The quality of paper is exceptional with extremely high contrast matt appearance and great archival properties with strong resistance to light exposure.  With correct mounting and framing Ben’s prints will last for many years without any signs of fading.

After printing, your photograph is hand signed by Ben Copley.  It’s then covered, rolled and packed into a hard cylinder tube to guarantee safe delivery.

All prints come with “Framing & Handling” instructions ensuring you get the most from your prints. Limited edition prints are numbered and come with a “Certificate of Authenticity”, also hand signed by Ben.

Limited Edition Prints

Printed in editions of 50, 100, and 250 Ben’s Limited Edition Prints can be enjoyed while they mature. With correct archival framing they will last many years without any signs of fading, allowing you to decorate your walls while their value increases.

When 10% of the prints are sold in any one edition, the purchase price increases by 20% ensuring that your investment increases in value. Once the last print in an edition has been sold there will never be another one produced.  Although the limited edition print is no longer produced, it remains in the online gallery with a simple “Sold-Out” label.  When we are approached by prospective buyers, we contact interested print owners and act as a broker if they wish to re-sell their limited edition print.

Please use the “Contact Us” tab for additional information regarding Limited Edition quantities, frameing and matting options and additional pricing information.